Flexsweep Industries


27 White Road
Watsonville, CA 95076
(866)392-FLEX (3539)

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We use advanced polymer technology and aerospace materials to create broom handles which flex on impact and absorb repetitive shock. This high-tech material and design makes handles COMPLETELY UNBREAKABLE and ERGONOMIC. Bulky braces are unnecessary.

We GUARANTEE that our handles will NEVER BREAK. Run them over, bash them, smash them. They're tougher than any other product.

Protect your wrists & back:
Absorbs up to 70% of the repetitive shock and force that normally hits your body!

Our handles have the highest quality. They are weather insulated to protect users from hot or cold. Each broom comes with a free non-abrasive scraper. The brooms have cushioned end grips. These brooms are for people who like to work with quality and are tired of the junk that is sold by other manufacturers.
    When the bristles wear out, buy a replacement block at less than half the cost of a new broom. But don't worry...our bristles are long lasting, and the highest quality. We don't believe in selling you inferior products.
  • More maneuverable
    No braces to get in the way or cause damage to low shelves and tables.
  • Easy assembly
    Easy T-knob 30-second assembly. Non-loosening high tech hex drive bolts.
  • Ergonomic shock absorbing
    Ergonomically absorbs shocks that could impact wrists, arms, should and back when hitting stationary objects (a common occurrence).
  • Unbreakable
    Patented shock absorbing handle makes broom and handle unbreakable. Can't unthread.
  • Highest quality
    "Crash" tested over 1 million times without breakage or deformation. Run over by tractors and trucks with no damage.
    Flexes when other brooms break. You can sweep 100 pound items!