Flex-Connect Complete Line of Flat Mops and Scrub Brushes (1 Pack)

  • $77.95

Kit Contains:

  • Carbon Fiber/Aero Aluminum Telescopic Flex-Connect Handle (TG10CFA-TELE) Handle virtually unbreakable; Guarantee does not apply.
  • Guaranteed patented FlexSweep connector that quickly switches from rigid to swivel action
  • No-Flip Tech Swivel Scrub Brush (TG10SPOLY)
  • No-Flip Tech Swivel Abrasive Scrub Brush (TG10SABRAS)
  • 12″ Flat Mop Frame with Non-Abrasive ABS Scraper (TG10-75130S SCRAP)
  • 18″ Microfiber Flat Mop Frame (TG10-75140S)
  • 24″ Microfiber Flat Mop Frame (TG10-75155S)
  • 18″ Microfiber Dust Mop (TG10-33240)
  • (2) 12″ Microfiber Dry Mop (TG10-11730)
  • (2) 18″ Microfiber Dry Mop (TG10-11745)
  • (2) 24″ Microfiber Dry Mop (TG10-11760)

*Microfiber Mops and Dust Mops Are Machine Washable, But Do Not Use Fabric Softener.

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